Are these things important to you?

If all these statements are true for you, then I think we are a good match! After all:

Presenting your company and your products professionally is important to you and you invest much time and effort into their development and implementation for specifically this reason?

I don't just "translate" your texts, I think them through step by step. In case of any ambiguities, I get in touch with you to clarify them. This ensures that the source text is translated accurately and can even be optimised if necessary.

You want your texts and messages to be understood correctly?

I carefully research the correct terminology and incorporate any existing company-specific terms into my translation.

Precise work is very important to you?

The linguistic quality of my texts is very important to me. This is why I edit a text until everything is just right.

It's a matter of course that deadlines must be adhered to?

And I always see to it that you get your translation within the scheduled time so that you can meet your own deadlines.

You appreciate long-term and reliable customers and business relations?

Over the course of a long-term cooperation, I become more and more familiar with your specific terminology and know what is really important to you. This benefits both you and your customers.